AAA ‎– Attack All Around

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Avex Trax ‎– AVCD-23526~7/B~C
2 × CD, Compilation
2 × DVD, DVD-Video, Limited Edition
05 Mar 2008
Electronic, Pop
J-pop, Synth-pop


CD Disc-1
CD1-1 Blood On Fire
Music By, Arranged By – Miki WatanabeWords By – Osamu SasakiWords By [Rap] – Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Osamu Sasaki
CD1-2 Friday Party
Music By, Arranged By – Akio TogashiWords By – m.c.A·T
CD1-3 きれいな空
Arranged By – Ken MatsubaraMusic By, Words By – Hiroaki Hara
CD1-4 Dragon Fire
Music By, Words By, Arranged By – Akio Shimizu
CD1-5 ハレルヤ
Music By, Arranged By – H-WonderWords By – Naho (2)
CD1-6 Shalala キボウの歌
Arranged By – Ryosuke ImaiMusic By – Hideki NaruseWords By – Ira Ishida
CD1-7 ハリケーン・リリ,ボストン・マリ (Original Long Version)
Arranged By – Masaki IeharaMusic By, Words By – Satoshi Majima
CD1-8 ソウルエッジボーイ
Arranged By – Hiroshi ShibasakiMusic By – Katsumi OhnishiWords By – Osamu Sasaki
CD1-9 キモノジェットガール
Arranged By – Tadanori YoshimotoMusic By, Words By – 21st Century Stars
CD1-10 Let It Beat!
Music By, Arranged By – Miki WatanabeWords By – Chisa Tanabe
CD1-11 "Q"
Arranged By – Honey HunterMusic By – Keiichi UenoWords By – m.c.A·T
CD1-12 チューインガム
Arranged By – Ken MatsubaraMusic By, Words By – Ataru Nakamura
CD Disc-2
CD2-1 Samurai Heart -侍魂-
Arranged By – IkomanMusic By – Ikoman, VrijWords By – Osamu SasakiWords By [Rap] – Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Osamu Sasaki
CD2-2 Winter Lander!!
Arranged By – H-WonderArranged By [Strings] – Crusher KimuraMusic By – Miki WatanabeWords By – Jam (12)Words By [Rap] – Mitsuhiro Hidaka
CD2-3 Get チュ-!
Arranged By – Takao KonishiMusic By – Takumi IshidaWords By – Goro Matsui
CD2-4 Sheの事実
Arranged By – Hideyuki "Daichi" Suzuki*Music By – Shinya SumidaWords By – Akio Inoue
CD2-5 唇からロマンチカ
Arranged By – Masaaki IkedaMusic By – BULGE (2)Words By – Akio Inoue
CD2-6 That's Right
Arranged By – Hiroshi ShibasakiMusic By – Takumi IshidaWords By – Goro Matsui
CD2-7 Sunshine
Arranged By [Additional] – Hiroshi UesugiMusic By, Arranged By – HyoutanWords By – Delicatessen (2)
CD2-8 No End Summer
Arranged By – Reo (3)Music By – Kazuhiro HaraWords By – MizueWords By [Rap] – Mitsuhiro Hidaka
CD2-9 花火
Music By, Arranged By – Takao KonishiWords By – Miyako Kawahara
CD2-10 Red Soul
Music By, Arranged By – Miki WatanabeWords By – Hiromi Mori
CD2-11 Mirage
Arranged By – Hideyuki "Daichi" Suzuki*Music By – Yoshiaki WatanukiWords By – FLAT5th Rico*
CD2-12 いざゆけ若鷹軍団2007 ~Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks With AAA~
Arranged By – Seikou NagaokaMusic By – Mitsuhiro TomiyamaMusic By [Writing Assistant] – Kenji YamamotoWords By – Taneyoshi HaradaWords By [Writing Assistant] – Yuriko Mori
CD2-13 Climax Jump ~AAA Den-O Form~
Music By, Arranged By – Shuhei NaruseWords By – Shoko Fujibayashi
DVD Disc-1 (Music Clips)
DVD1-1 Blood On Fire
DVD1-2 Friday Party
DVD1-3 きれいな空
DVD1-4 Dragon Fire
DVD1-5 ハレルヤ
DVD1-6 Shalala キボウの歌
DVD1-7 ハリケーン・リリ,ボストン・マリ (Original Long Version)
DVD1-8 ソウルエッジボーイ
DVD1-9 キモノジェットガール
DVD1-10 Let It Beat!
DVD1-11 "Q"
DVD1-12 チューインガム
DVD1-13 Samurai Heart -侍魂-
DVD1-14 Winter Lander!!
DVD1-15 Get チュ-!
DVD1-16 Sheの事実
DVD1-17 唇からロマンチカ
DVD1-18 That's Right
DVD1-19 Sunshine
DVD1-20 No End Summer
DVD1-21 花火
DVD1-22 Red Soul
DVD1-23 Mirage
DVD1-24 いざゆけ若鷹軍団2007 ~Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks With AAA~
DVD Disc-2 (Special Disc)
Music Clips
DVD2-1 ミカンセイ
DVD2-2 夢ノカケラ
DVD2-3 Wonderful Life
DVD2-4 Crazy Gonna Crazy
DVD2-5 プレデビューティーザースポット
DVD2-6 Blood On Fire
DVD2-7 Blood On Fire (大阪限定Ver.)
DVD2-8 Friday Party
DVD2-9 きれいな空
DVD2-10 きれいな空 (西島Ver.)
DVD2-11 きれいな空 (浦田Ver.)
DVD2-12 きれいな空 (宇野Ver.)
DVD2-13 きれいな空 (日高Ver.)
DVD2-14 きれいな空 (與Ver.)
DVD2-15 きれいな空 (末吉Ver.)
DVD2-16 きれいな空 (伊藤Ver.)
DVD2-17 Dragon Fire
DVD2-18 Attack
DVD2-19 ハレルヤ
DVD2-20 ハレルヤ (西島Ver.)
DVD2-21 ハレルヤ (浦田Ver.)
DVD2-22 ハレルヤ (宇野Ver.)
DVD2-23 ハレルヤ (日高Ver.)
DVD2-24 ハレルヤ (與Ver.)
DVD2-25 ハレルヤ (末吉Ver.)
DVD2-26 ハレルヤ (伊藤Ver.)
DVD2-27 Shalala キボウの歌
DVD2-28 Remix Attack (西島Ver.)
DVD2-29 Remix Attack (浦田Ver.)
DVD2-30 Remix Attack (宇野Ver.)
DVD2-31 Remix Attack (日高Ver.)
DVD2-32 Remix Attack (與Ver.)
DVD2-33 Remix Attack (末吉Ver.)
DVD2-34 Remix Attack (伊藤Ver.)
DVD2-35 ハリケーン・リリ,ボストン・マリ
DVD2-36 ソウルエッジボーイ / キモノジェットガール
DVD2-37 ソウルエッジボーイ / キモノジェットガール (ソウルエッジVer.)
DVD2-38 ソウルエッジボーイ / キモノジェットガール (キモノジェットVer.)
DVD2-39 Let It Beat!
DVD2-40 "Q"
DVD2-41 All/2
DVD2-42 チューインガム
DVD2-43 チューインガム (アカペラVer.)
DVD2-44 Black & White
DVD2-45 All
DVD2-46 CCC -Challenge Cover Collection-
DVD2-47 AlohAAA!
DVD2-48 Get チュ-! / Sheの事実
DVD2-49 唇からロマンチカ / That's Right
DVD2-50 夏もの
DVD2-51 Around
DVD2-52 Mirage
Special Bonus Movie
DVD2-53 AAA No.1 決定ゲーム選手権!!

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Limited to 10,000 copies

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4 988064 235261
  • Rights Society: JASRAC

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